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Bruce Hayes: Music


(Pack of Dogs)
Bruce Hayes (Acoustic Junction)

B.H. - Mandolin, Steel, Guitar, Bass
Sandy Moon - Voice
Matt Coconus - Drums
Tim Roper - Violin
Reed Foehl - Voice

Here is a song for the laughing water
Here is a scene from the Creator’s dream
Here is a gift for your sons and daughters
Here is a song for a free flowing stream


Here is the place I'll always remember

Carved in my mind as it’s carved in stone

Here In my space from May to November
Here is my kingdom, here is my throne


Won't you wash me down

Wont you cleanse my soul

I will stand my ground

Let the river flow

And here is the wall to hold back the water

Here is the lake where the river once played

Here are the bones left from the slaughter
Here is the price for the profit they made.