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Bruce Hayes: Music

Lucky Day

(Bruce Hayes)
Bruce Hayes

Jeff Reynolds - Big Bass
B.H. - Guitar, Feet, Voice

I’m sure this is gong to sound just like a line
the best one’s always do  this one’s just for you
something ‘bout those eyes rings a bell in my mind
there’s something ‘bout that hue  
that particular shade of blue
can I buy you a drink at the bar
I’ve got a watch if you need the time
can I walk you outside to your car
can we do LUNCH your place or mine
Let this be my that as it may our lucky day

 Right away I’m enraptured  straight off I’m struck

I’m the hunter that’s been captured  
for you I’m a sitting duck

so sting me with your buckshot  
make me do a little dance

our judgment day is coming 
we may not get a second chance

Is there something I should know 
can I touch you to see if your real

think it’s time I should go or do you feel the way I feel


I believe this could be our lucky day

I’m wearing my lucky shoes 
your hair has lucky hues

Heaven waits for those that pray

but I can’t wait for you


So pour me your life story  
you can stir up all my dirt

serve your conscience to me straight up

let your desires drip down by shirt

I’ll play the olive in your martini 
I’ll eat the parsley off your plate

I’ll put the clam in you linguini 
and the icing on you cake

put my heart in your doggy bag  take it home with you
I can't claim to be faithful  but I promise to be true