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Bruce Hayes: Music

May This Be Love

(Bruce Hayes)
Jimi Hendrix - used by permission

MAY THIS BE LOVE     by Jimi Hendrix
used by permission - Experience Hendrix LLC ASCAP
Tony Furtado - Banjo
Les Choy - Guitar
Jeff Reynolds - Big Bass
Sandy Moon - Harmony
Paul O'Sullivan - Harmony
B.H. - Dobro, Mandolin, Voice

Waterfall nothing can harm me at all

my worries they seem so small with my waterfall

I can see your rainbow is calling me

through the misty breeze of my waterfall


Some people say daydreaming’s for all those lazy minded fools

let them laugh, laugh at me ‘long as I have you to see me through

I have nothing to lose


Waterfall don’t ever change your ways
fall with me for a million days my waterfall