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Bruce Hayes: Home

Greetings from Howard Colorado… Much has come to pass since we last addressed this list back in November. Welcome to the age of crazy. We just produced a show at the historical Coaldale Schoolhouse with Grant Gordy and Ross Martin (see pic by Ben Knight). They are taking the flat-picking guitar duo to new heights! Great turnout. Hope to see y'all again for Jeff Black on 3/23, and Don Richmond, April 15. Had a Helluva good time opening for David Lindley in Denver - very greasy indeed. Love that man. Check out the new vid for Christ by Mel Lee: 

Here's the part that comes next:

Front Range BBQ Colorado Springs (2330 W Colorado Ave) 
Wednesday March 15  7:30pm
St. Paddy's party with Bruce Hayes and...

Speedtrap Bistro 84 Hwy 105 Palmer Lake
Thursday March 16  BH 7:00pm

Bensons Tavern 128 N. F St Salida 
Friday March 17  7:00pm Paddy's Day with BH and...

Salida Steamplant 
Saturday March 25  Pint & A Half  CD Concert w/BH

Wolf Brewing Co 2045 Eagle Dr, Pagosa Springs
Thursday March 30  5:00 to 8:00pm  BH O.M.B.

Roma Bar & Grill 135 E Colorado Ave Telluride
Saturday April 1 8:00pm Howlin' Moon w/Mel Kent

Coaldale Schoolhouse 
Saturday April 15  7:00pm Don Richmond w/BH


Monarch Mountain Closing Day Parking lot Party
Sunday April 16 @ noon  BH One-Maniac-Band

HUBBUB Brewing 248 W US Highway 50, Salida
Saturday April 22  6:00 to 8:00pm  BH O.M.B


MeadowGrass Music Festival C. Springs
May 26 - 28 Late night and early morning sets w/ Milo Hayes Meld

RapidGrass Music Festival  Idaho Springs
June 23 - 25 Kernel Tweener returns



Vintage and modern investment grade instruments from my personal stash. Pics and info

Collings MF5-V Mandolin HSC
Gibson A Mandolin 1925 snakehead (black) OHSC
Gibson F2 Mandolin 1920 OHSC
Gibson A3 Mandolin 1919 (white) OHSC
Gibson H1 Mandola 1918 (black refin) OHSC
Trinity College Irish Bouzouki 2001 OHSC
Ramsey #8 F5 Mandolin w/pickup (as heard on "Lunch")

Gibson LG-2 1948 HSC very good
Martin style 2-K Taropatch 8 string Ukulele 1929 koa HSC
National Reso-Phonic 1133 (pearl mot) 1957
Republic Tricone 204 2000 HSC (Antique steel)
Hofner Club Bass Sunburst $300
Airline Pocket Bass 1961 converted to 6 string w/Dual Tone HSC
Crucianelli PANaramic 1201R 1964 Italian triple cutaway
Danelectro 6 String Bass Guitar UB2 1999 (turquoise metalic) OHSC
Epiphone Coronet 1965 (cherry/nickel)  
Epiphone USA Spirit 1981 double cut Les Paul (sunburst)
Fender Bass VI 1974 (sunburst) OHSC "Let it Be"
Fender Jaguar Baritone Custom 2006 (Bass VI) OHSC
Fender Telecaster 1966 (blond) OHSC Gibson P-90 pickup
Fender Telecaster Thinline 1974 (natural) OHSC
Framus Strato Deluxe 60's (sunburst/chrome)
Gibson Firebird V 1994 (sunburst) OHSC
Gibson Les Paul R9 2004 "brockburst" OHSC
Gibson Les Paul DC Standard 2001 (rare tobaccoburst)
Gibson Les Paul Elegant 2000 (tobaccoburst-dark back)
Gibson ES-125TDC 1967 (sparkling burgundy) "Bad to the Bone"
Gibson ES-140 3/4 1955
Gretsch Silver Jet '58 reissue 2006 OHSC "Billy Zoom"
Gretsch 1958 6117 Double Anniversary sunburst OHSC
Kay Old Kraftsman Speed Demon '60s 3 pickups
St. Blues S & T Bluesmaster V '80s (black)
Silvertone 1446 c'63 "Chris Isaak" SOLD 
Supro 1968 Lexington S645 3 pickup Sunburst OHSC

Sierra SL-6 #4 2003 black w/flight case/stand
Gibson Recording King Roy Smeck Model AB104 1938
Gibson EH-100 v1a lap steel 1936 black OHSC
Gibson EH-150 v3 1938 
Magnatone Varsity Amerloh lap steel and Amp 1953 (Aqua-mot) 
Oahu Hawaiian square neck acoustic '20s HSC
Oahu Lolana dual 6 1952 (white MOT) OHSC
Oahu Lolana dual 6 Console 1956 (white MOT) OHSC/legs 
Supro twin 6 lap steel 1950 (white MOT) OHSC "Lindley"
Supro Tonemaster lap steel c1958 (cream MOT)
Supro (Valco) Oahu Meteor lap steel 1957 (gray pearloid) 
Supro lap steel project '30s  
Vega Commander lap steel c1956 (black) OHSC
Von Shaper Strat style Lap Steel
Weissenborn style 2 Hawaiian Koa late 1920's HSC "Lindley"
NEW Weissenborn Kona 4 1924 flamey koa, OHSC

Gretsch Electromatic 1958 2-6v6 1-10" snow flake tolex
Flot-A-Tone 1-12" combo c1950 (brown)
Marshall 1965A LEAD 4X10 Slant speaker cab '80s (tan grill)
Fender Deluxe 5E3 1958 (re-tweed)  "Neil"
Fender Vibro Champ 1967 original blackface 
Little Lanilei Songworks Amp & Rotary Wave speaker
Mountain Amp 9v battery c'95 (beetle-kill pine)
Rivera M60 combo w/12" JBL
Supro (Valco)1958 Special 2033B
OAHU (Valco) 1951 Supreme (white)
t.c. electronic vintage delay (T Rex)
Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe
Lexicon JamMan looper w/upgrades, pedals
RANE Active Crossover AC22
ALESIS Microgates (2)
LIfton Case for 1959 1960 Epiphone Sheraton, Casino (tan/blue)
Case for Kay Swingmaster, Jazz, Barney Kessel (2 tone/Red)
a baby's arm holding an apple. 

Stay at the 1st Chair Chalet... just off the mountain highway where Furious 7 was filmed!   



 Disclaimer: As I implode through life I try to avoid all the trappings of professionalism that one might encounter in another artist's newsletter. Gits & Gigs arrives in your inbox at random moments such as this affording a level of surprise and intrigue. Bereft of fancy formatting, this stark enews contains no added coloring or flavoring and no preservatives to protect it's impermanence save for your still viable memory. Suffice to say that a few good gigs have gone unmentioned in this international correspondence relying on regional emails and Facebook posts for promo. If you reside in the greater Salida, Gunnison, Front range, or Telluride areas and would like to get local gig updates lemme know. -BH